Vocational Pathways

Weknow you may not be thinking about a future career just yet, but your career pathway development starts in Year 9 at Edgecumbe College. One of the first career pathway activities you will participate in at Year 9 is a ‘Know your Colours’ session with our Edgecumbe College Careers Advisor using the Vocational Pathways model included here. Have a look at this image so you can start to understand how the Vocational Pathways model might relate to you.
Vocational Pathways is a tool that helps you to see how your strengths, interests and achievements relate to future study options and job opportunities.
The pathways provide clear study options that are valued by employers and show you what employers expect you to achieve in your learning. The six colours cover all pathways eg everything from an apprenticeship trade to a University Entrance Pathway.
The pathways cover six industry sectors or ‘colours’:
Your ‘colours’ may change over your time with us. You may have a main colour and a back -up colour – you may not be sure of your colours yet and that is OK, but connecting with a main colour or two helps you to develop your Plan A and Plan B for when you leave school.
One of the most important things you can do when you start school is find the Careers room in Te Pū Waiora Tauira – J block and introduce yourself to your Careers Advisor who is available to guide you with developing career interests and pathway plans for when you are ready to leave us. There are resources there and advice and guidance you can access at any time. You can even make individual appointments. You can also check your learning here at Edgecumbe College in relation to the Vocational Pathways Award and you will learn more about that as time goes on.