Our uniform comprises of embroidered black polo, embroidered black bottoms, and black socks and shoes. Sandals may be worn in summer but closed shoes are required for technology subjects for safety reasons. 

We have a PE tee shirt which students pair with suitable bottoms. In summer, students are to bring suitable swimwear.

We have a school bucket hat, cap and beanie.
Edgecumbe College Year 13s wear an embroidered white blouse with embroidered black bottoms. 
For formal events, students wear a school tie with blazer with embroidered black bottoms. 
We respect our students desire to express their individuality through tidy facial hair, tidy head hair (colours allowed) and jewelry and cultural items as per our uniform code. Safety is paramount and any items that impede on this must be removed. 
Our Board has accessed quality uniform items at the lowest price possible. We run a second-hand sale group on Facebook for whanau, and we assist students who require support with items to access these. We sell a number of items through the school office, and The Warehouse in Whakatane stocks the bulk of our uniform items. You can also purchase these through the New Zealand The Warehouse website. 
All students are required to wear regulation school uniform and be well-groomed at all times, including to and from school. All students and whanau sign a contract on enrolment that students will be correctly outfitted at all times. 
Students not in correct school uniform will be processed through our school procedure on non-compliance. Regulation means school-embroidered items as sold from our chosen outlets.