Learning Support:
Edgecumbe College has a team of teachers aides and SENCO to support learners. 

Future Planning:
Edgecumbe College provides careers advice, offers trades and Gateway programmes, arranges visits to further education providers, organises work experience and provides opportunities for additional certificates and qualifications. 

Physical Wellbeing Support:
Edgecumbe College provides a nurse and counsellor for consultations. We provide morning tea and lunches.
Edgecumbe College has the support and involvement from many services in the Eastern Bay to support our young people through challenges.

Inclusion Support:
Edgecumbe College provides uniform support to those who need it and access to devices. 

Social Support:
Edgecumbe College actively hosts student led groups for like-minded groups to connect.

Pastoral Support Services:
Student Pastoral care is an essential and integral part of the daily life of our school. It is a partnership between parents/caregivers, families, community agencies and the school to foster personal growth amongst the students.

Promotion of the Restorative Practice:
By using the PB4L (positive behaviour for learning) model to restore relationships that are broken in a just and caring manner.


Our student services result in:

·Promoting a positive learning environment where students are enthusiastic to come to school to learn and participate fully

·Encouraging students to become responsible for their own education and all the curriculum activities related to this process

·Supporting the students to participate in co-curricular activities and recognizing and celebrating their achievements

·Developing leadership among our students where they can show initiative, make decisions, and respond positively.

We care about our students, and we support their wellbeing and safety by providing a network of teaching and support staff that offer educational, emotional and pastoral support.

Our curriculum is vibrant and strengths-based for maximum engagement, with a strong focus on tools for lifelong success and love for learning.

Our team is made up of Teachers, Kaiaarahi (Tutor Teachers), Kaitiaki (Deans), Deputy Principals, Counsellor, Registered Nurse, Careers Advisor, Gateway Administrator and a SENCO (Special Needs Co-ordinator).