Edgecumbe College has four houses:


Hillary – Whēkite – Observation / See
Rutherford – Werohia – Analyse and Investigate
Reed – Whēkaro – Learn
Halberg – Whakairihia – Apply new knowledge
These attributes are the 4 kete of knowledge brought down by Tāwhaki – Demi-God  Tuhoe from Heaven, as per a local Ngati Awa legend. He climbed to heaven to get the baskets at Whakatane. When our houses work together, the combined skills represent the whole learning journey – teamwork = success!

Individuals are encouraged to express the school spirit through our motto – Integrity – a value of doing the right thing, being true to yourself, being honest and upholding strong moral principles

Our school spirit is shown strongly during interhouse activities, including annual sporting events and in academic success. The end of year awards for the houses are hotly contested.

Our students extend their leadership skills and contribute to the school spirit though regular celebrations, including Earth Day, Pink Shirt anti-bullying week, Valentines Day, Rainbow Awareness, community events, the school ball, end of year festivities such as Prefects High Tea, Leavers Dinner, prizegiving and other gatherings.