The Edgecumbe College Board governs the school to ensure a safe learning environment, so all our students can achieve their goals. We’re proud to support our staff and students in different endeavors as we transform Edgecumbe College into a modern learning environment – a number one choice in education in the Eastern Bay!
Our Board works in collaboration with our principal to provide the best secondary experience we can give our students. We focus on
  • development and ongoing review of the school charter.
  • monitoring and reviewing your school’s progress,
  • putting in place a policy framework,
  • employing the principal,
  • managing assets,
  • health and safety for all students, staff and visitors,
  • ensuring your school’s legal compliance,
  • implementing the National Education Guidelines. 

We are made up of parent-elected members, usually voted in by the parent body of our school every three years. We have a staff representative (three year term) and a student representative (one year term) as well as our principal and any specially selected members to ensure a complete skillset and representation. 



Current Board members:



Presiding Members (Co-chairs):


Ashlee Sturme (

Matt McBeth (



Parent members:


Jolene Powell

Vicky Richards

Caleb Rika

Michelle Jordan



Staff Representative:

Paul Speedy (



Student Representative (2022):

For all concerns relating to your student or the school, please follow our complaints procedure (available on our SchoolDocs site).