Exciting news: the Ministry of Education has committed to a multi-million dollar project to bring Edgecumbe College facilities into a modern and dynamic learning centre!

At Edgecumbe College, we provide students with a safe physical environment, and a supportive societal environment that includes relationships, culture and wellbeing.
Health and safety in our environment is a key priority for our school, and we take a holistic approach to this. When we break down barriers to learning, every student can reach their potential. That is why our space at school encompasses a supportive focus on physical and emotional wellbeing:
*We supply school lunches every day, even on school trips
*Our Breakfast Club (KidsCan) provides morning tea
*Every student has access to a chromebook
*The Board supports students who require uniform
*Students are supported through career & training planning
*We teach work skills, such as creating a CV, applying for job, hands on work experience with local businesses
*We offer registered on-site nurse and counsellor for free consultations
*We are inclusive to Aotearoa’s vibrant cultures in our community.
*We work through additional needs individually to tailor our space to each student.
*Our partnership with Blue Light New Zealand offers every student over 16  into their drivers license.