Update for students!

Careers has now moved to J block at the back of the school (Gate 2) in our new building, Te Pū Waiora Tairua – Student Wellbeing Hub. Students can now enjoy having a space where you can come browse, read, collect resources or relax/chat in a careers supporting environment.

  • Driver Education Programme
  • Trades Academy
  • Careers Counselling
  • CV development
  • tertiary and scholarship applications
  • MyMahi platform assistance
  • taster courses
  • cover letter
  • application editing
  • Winter school enrolments
  • mock interviews
  • Zoom conferences
  • registrations for other courses and experiences and more.
Don’t be shy – come check our YOUR new space!


Every pathway is important and relevant as long as it’s the right match for you at this current time. Not sure what your pathway is and you have subject selection soon? Come to the new Careers Room and make an appointment. Together we will keep your options open as widely as possible.


MyMahi Platform

A huge congratulations to so many of our students at Edgecumbe College who are engaging well with the MyMahi platform. It is great to see many of you using the new gratitudes tool and seeking entry level job vacancies in the new job pathways section. I hope you have also spotted the occasional Edgecumbe College careers announcement on the MyMahi news feed. If you need any assistance, come and see Dr Murphy in the new Careers Room in J block but do keep spending time playing with the platform, start using the CV builder, save your CV draft as a google doc and send it to me for editing on Don’t forget you have a live chat section for your whaanau ako.