“Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere.” Albert Einstein 

Our art department uses painting, printmaking, and photography for artmaking.  Drawing is a term not limited to graphite and is an essential tool for the development of ideas for artworks. 

In years nine and ten our focus is on skills and knowledge development as this underpins confidence to express ideas through artworks. 
Our senior students continue with the development of skills and knowledge, but this tends to reflect a more personal journey. Our level 2 and 3 students are encouraged to look at a social issue as a means of developing a discussion in their work. Visual art at level 3 is a university entry approved subject. Successful level 3 students put in many more hours than class time affords them.  

Our College has large art rooms and facilties, including a full sized photography darkroom.

Our music department encourages our students to achieve their personal goals in different instruments, as well as singing and vocals, music theory and performance. 

Our drama department reinforces our students’ confidence in exploration and performance and our school hall boasts a full-sized stage.

Our Maori Performing Arts department is a strength of Edgecumbe College, with students achieving top results in national assessment. Our junior students learn our school haka, and our Kapa Haka roopu regularly perform and enter into regional competition.