At Edgecumbe College, wellbeing is a primary focus on which education success is built. Students are supported to create career paths that align with their passions and strengths. Our staff guide our students with individualised learning goals to ensure personal excellence and success.


Edgecumbe College is shaping a curriculum that meets the needs and aspirations of modern-day learners. In preparing for a dynamic and fast-paced, highly technological world, our students should feel safe and supported with a focus on wellbeing, identity and self-esteem.


Our students will graduate from Edgecumbe College with personalised academic success and educational achievement, having embraced opportunities and experiences and undertaken skills-based knowledge for real world application.


Our curriculum is vibrant and strengths-based for maximum engagement, with a strong focus on tools for lifelong success and love for learning.


Academic success looks different for every student. That is why our focus on vocational pathways ensures we set up our students on a personal journey that meets their needs, interests and aspirations, whether that is academic extension, trade skills, or whatever else they might require for a successful career and life.